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Hello, and welcome! 

I have passionately operated within the special needs sphere for over a decade. I obtained a Master’s Degree in Special Education and two special education teaching credentials in 2010, Behavior Analyst Board Certification in 2014, and a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership in Behavioral Health in 2019. 

Fresh out of college, I began my professional career as a credentialed teacher in alternative high school and special education settings. I then worked with the same population as a school-based senior behaviorist before moving up into educational leadership at a non-public school for children with special needs.

Across the past 5 years, I have served in leadership roles in autism treatment settings, managing multiple autism and related disability treatment clinics and organizations. There, I gained experience in establishing and monitoring clinical excellence and efficacy standards for applied behavior analytic therapy programs, training dozens of behaviorists, and reviewing and consulting on hundreds of clinical assessment and ongoing treatment programs.

The Autism Impact Circle was born of a creative impulse when I was ready to step out of the corporate world to focus on my growing family and solve a few important problems in the autism treatment and special education space:

  • Families need access to clinically excellent, holistic, individualized, ethical, and evidence-based ABA therapy programs, where your family comes first

  • Families who are certain that their child is capable of making more progress in their applied behavior analysis or special education program, need a place to turn for a qualified second opinion and a reinspired action plan

  • Organizations need access to evidence-based, behavior analytic solutions for performance management and leader development

Our company's purpose is embodied by what we do every day, striving to provide your child and family with the best ABA therapy with guaranteed results, balanced solutions for behavior analytic programs through honest, ethical, and high-quality clinical and educational programming recommendations and consultation. 

We believe in providing an array of well-rounded services with a human touch, this is our platform for the success of those who we serve.


Thank you and I look forward to working with you,

Marina Rothway, Ed.D., BCBA