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We have the ABA know-how you need.


Research-based tools for making individualized curricula and treatment intensity recommendations for autism and other special needs programs.

Experienced doctoral-level ABA behavioral health leaders, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, school administrators, and special educators 

We will help you improve your employee performance through ABA-based, behavior-analytic solutions 

Please contact us for details and to speak with a member of our team.


Maddie H.

Board Certified Behavior


As an employee working with Marina, I have learned through her for over four and a half years. I have participated in many of her trainings and monthly educational courses/events throughout this time. I have found her trainings to be very engaging, educational, and supportive in my personal and professional development and as a clinician. As an educator and presenter she is insightful, thorough and thought provoking . As a mentor, she supports by sharing skills, knowledge and expertise. She is willing to teach what she knows and accepts mentees where they currently are in their professional development. Marina has an eagerness to invest in others and is motivated by her mentees success. Marina can both give honest and direct feedback and can engage in reflective listening with all mentees.


Tammy F.

Former Registered Behavior 


As a curriculum developer, Marina is creative and her material engaging, accessible, and educational. Her presentation style is charismatic, interesting, and engaging. She is hardworking, reliable, and honest. Marina creates a safe atmosphere for collaboration and sharing of information and ideas.  

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