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Individual & Family

Happy Young Family

We have the know-how you need. 

​​Evidence-based and age/developmentally appropriate assessments and curricula

Research-based tools for making individualized treatment intensity and curricula recommendations and for conducting more efficient and accurate Functional Behavior Assessments

Experienced and compassionate parents, behaviorists, behaviorists in training, clinical and educational leaders, and doctoral-level professionals

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Cindy A.

Board Certified Behavior


I credit Marina for sharpening and fine tuning my clinical skills as a behavior analyst. Her expertise goes beyond formal training. Her background as a special education teacher and a clinical director make her a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. She is an advocate for education and sound clinical work.


Sarah S.

Board Certified Behavior


Marina Rothway has been a longtime colleague of mine. Throughout our five-year professional relationship, she has held leadership roles in which she has engaged her staff in monthly trainings and presentations on relevant topics. These events have led to much growth for me personally and professionally in pursuit of my work as a behavior analyst.
As an employee of Marina, she was always available to me for answers to questions, brainstorming sessions, and guidance on clinical matters. She would regularly offer me opportunities to develop and share knowledge through the leading presentations on clinical matters, always there to support me. She created opportunities for me to share my passion for the field and cultivate my growth as a leader. I consider her a forever mentor.

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